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So far so good, except the upgraded unreal engine does not inherently support this behaviour.Let’s break this down so we can further illustrate the problem: In APB, bones in a character’s skeleton can scale (get larger or smaller), rotate (change angle) and translate (move position).At the moment our end-of-Q1 2014 is actually NOT going to be far off for the first end-to-end QA version, keeping in mind the QA version of the engine doesn’t entail everything that will be included in a live version.So needless to say there will NOT be a public version available next week.But still, nothing has come up that looks like it could stop the process from completing successfully.Ok, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the Unreal update in more detail to give you an idea of the complexity of the undertaking.Initially we’d planned on talking about the various things planned for the whole year, however, given the long-ish Unreal update below, we’ve decided to split this information into a few parts so we can give you all the information without causing you severe retinal damage or wearing out your mouse wheel…We’re very excited to speak more openly about this, but there a couple important points to clear before moving forward.

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We need to do this as we stretch the character’s spine and arms to make them longer; i.e.However, there are some operations on bones which cause the mathematics to break in such a way that we can’t store the result simply as a scale, rotation and a translation. If you store the scale, rotation and translation of a bone altogether in a 4x4 matrix, then the mathematics don’t break.Matrices can handle skew (in the old Epic code, bones were actually stored as matrices in the first place, so we didn’t have this problem).As you may be aware from last year’s blog post on the subject, updating the APB engine is a massive undertaking.These problems are exacerbated by the fact that APB took Unreal as a base and then built entirely new, vastly complex systems on top of it to support the game Realtime Worlds wanted to make.

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