Aubrey o day dating diddy

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For females in general, sex is so much bigger than the physical feeling. I’ve known tons of girls who’ve had tons of sex with different people, and it’s the same thing across the board.

Does the fact that you’re on Broadway and on the way to becoming a high-profile celebrity cause tension within your group?

Ever the romantic, Aubrey makes her assistant sleep with her because she hates to be alone. (MANICURE) Toya ' Chi Chi' Carpenter for Ken

The pop star just opened up about her new romance with "Jersey Shore" alum Pauly D while chatting with E News, after TMZ broke the news back in November that the DJ and O'Day found love on their new reality show, "Famously Single." "I didn't know that I would be as successful as I was with finding someone," Aubrey told E! And it ended up just like becoming like this chemistry happened within the house with a few of the cast-mates and Pauly and I were one of them.

He's incredibly funny and smart and very talented." What do you think about their new romance?

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