Bayonet dating

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There were over a million M7s by BOC and delivered in 1969. The date 1962 doesn't really have anything to do with my Dad at all.

There are a few Colt bayonets that preceded Milpar's contracts, but they are very expensive. Marv Thanks for the help gentlemen, I really appreciate it. A dealer at one table could be selling them for say the next table for same condition. Skip Wolfhounds, If your dad was in South East Asia in 1962, he might have carried an M14 rifle which used an M6 bayonet. When I stated assembling a representative example of the field gear he used in-country, obviously I wanted to use M-1956 gear.

However, how do you tell the difference between one made on 1962 from one made in 1972 ???The first Curles patent was recorded in November of 1635 when a tract of 750 acres land commonly known as Longfield was granted to Captain Thomas Harris, 100 acres of which was due him as an Ancient planter & adventurer in the time of Sir Thomas Dale.Of particular interest are the ruins found during the excavations at Curles Neck in eastern Henrico along the James.The property has passed through a number of hands, but the Randolf family, who acquired the land in 1698, had by far the longest tenure.Earlier, from 1674 to his death in 1676, Nathaniel Bacon lived at Curles.

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