Dating 3 months no commitment

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Yet it does seem like you could be breaking down his walls in that regard, as you've been introduced to the folks and friends after a very long relationship had ended. So here's what I want you to do: Analyze his investment in you.

For instance, are you somebody he hangs out with when nothing else is going on?

I think we had gotten to a point where we both accepted our relationship for what it was: A rollercoaster of ups and downs, whether we're behaving as friends or something more. But recently, our interactions include more flirting on both of our ends and more opening up, on his end.

He doesn't like to talk about feelings, so that came as a shock to me.

He's started texting me things like, "Why are you still single?

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So now that he's finally single, there's a good chance he wants to play the field. This collective masculinity tends to make dudes feel that the more women he bangs, the higher his image resides on the totem pole, so to speak.He had just got out of a 10-year relationship (yikes). We would call or text every now and then and sometimes meet up at a bar or catch a Rockets game together, but it was always as friends.Then, I got annoyed at all the unkept promises he made to me.In other words, you know when you said, “Is this something that I should hold onto and wait for him to decide he's ready,” you were aware of how pathetic that sounded.This guy's got his talons sunk into you, and he's not loosening his grip.

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