Free cam to cam chat in myt area

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These solutions generally rely on cameras connecting to traditional near-range satellite uplink transmitters, which aren’t typically using cellular networks or Wi Fi.

Some folks within the Pro Cycling scene have been testing some Go Pro based solutions down in Australia the past few months, using cellular LTE networks to broadcast that footage.

That solution is designed to relay the Go Pro signal a short-distance wirelessly to other broadcast quality receivers where it picks it up and then transmits it like normal (no Wi Fi or Cellular used).

Said differently: That solution will likely cost a boatload and be aimed at broadcast TV, whereas what I outline below is aimed mostly at DIY type deployments.

However, you can also get the link for the broadcast by tapping the little sharing icon in the bottom right and selecting ‘Copy to Clipboard’.

Whereas Go Pro with the Hero4 lineup also has Bluetooth pairing to kick start the process, but I find it often really finicky to get setup the first time and is overly complicated.

At any rate, when it comes to streaming, HTC announced the functionality at CES and followed up with Android-first streaming options.

Typically in order for you to have any hope of success you’ll need a 4G or LTE network connection on your phone.

Additionally, you’ll likely want to have a data plan that is either unlimited, or enough GB’s so that you aren’t costing yourself a small fortune.

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