Marriage and dating for christians

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Waiting till marriage starts out as just a decision about sex. If you choose this path, it becomes the unspoken core and protector of everything you hold dear in yourself.As long as you maintain your virginity (original or re-claimed) the values and character that come with it will remain alive as well, because every day that you — consciously or not — reaffirm your status as waiting, you reaffirm your values as well.

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You will watch as a friend stays trapped in a doomed relationship far past its expiration date — holding him/herself back from moving on and growing — just for the sex.You will be in many ways immune to them, above them, outside of their reach.You will pass through them like Moses walking calmly across the dry ground of the red sea, walls of water looming on either side.And this is one of the greatest benefits of waiting till marriage: you will keep the important parts of yourself alive even as you destroy or change everything else.There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of waiting till marriage for sex. But for all the people that will tell you that you’re being naive or that you’re making too big a deal out of sex, or that you’re being stupid — none of them will say that waiting isn’t .

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