Seymour dating

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"Any more hair and you'll look like a Bratz doll," Harry teases his mother, giggling.

Peter flips through the rack and swoons over a Gucci kimono.

Everyone else had to do theirs as homework, but I finished mine before class ended using Wikipedia."Wealthy, pedigreed, handsome, socially well-connected—and there are two of them? Barts, a pose that many ridiculed as borderline incestuous.

(Peter quickly defended himself on his Facebook page, saying that the images were "taken completely out of context.") And in 2012, he was the subject of blogs again after he tweeted inappropriate comments about Obama's reelection.

Most little girls—and a few little boys—grow up playing with Barbie dolls.

New York's youngest and most enthusiastic new bon vivants, Peter Brant Jr.

Harry and Peter grew up out of the spotlight in a sprawling Connecticut mansion but have been exposed to the fashion and art worlds since they were in diapers.

In the middle of the shoot, "November Rain"—the 1992 song whose video famously stars Seymour as Rose's rebel bride—comes on the radio, and she rolls her eyes. " she asks, recalling that she styled herself in those videos and wouldn't mind getting that dress back. I saw the worst of that world and it soured me."Brant was her Prince Charming.

Harry rememberswhen she would pick him up from school in full hair and makeup, fresh from a Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, or Herb Ritts photo shoot. In super-preppy Greenwich, we stuck out like sore thumbs." Peter realized that his parents weren't like others when his class was assigned to write an essay about their families.

"We had to do a report about our parents: where they were born, what they did, and all that. The brothers have become gossip fodder, labeled by as the Paris and Nicky Hilton of their generation. In 2010, he was photographed embracing his mother on the beach in St.

When Seymour needs help lacing up her over-the-knee Tom Ford boots, each son takes a leg.

The Brant brothers are hardly what you'd call typical American youths.

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