Tamagotchi dating show

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Apparently they are at Comic Party, a giant dōjinshi convention.

Once inside, Kazuki meets some of the dōjinshi artists and is surprised to find himself enjoying their work.

At certain points of the conversation, the player will be asked to choose between two or more actions that can affect the feelings of that person you are interacting with and can lead to other events.

The game begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 the next year.

She is from Kobe, but comes to Tokyo often for Comic Party.

Her parents own a Japanese inn and hot-springs resort that she will inherit when she is older. She teaches Kazuki about dōjinshi publishing and comics exhibition.

Although the player does not have to win a girl's heart to reach the end of the game, if the player fails at completing their monthly dōjinshi before the deadline, the game will end early.The game was ported to the Play Station Portable (PSP) as Comic Party Portable on December 29, 2005.Promotional videos show that the Comic Party Revolution character designs are used, rather than the original designs from the PC and Dreamcast games and the first anime series.It is the player's task to decide the schedule of the main protagonist, Kazuki Sendō, as he prepares for the Comic Party convention that takes place once a month.How fast Kazuki can complete his dōjinshi, how many copies he can sell at each convention, and what girl he is able to date depends on the player's choices.

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