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Online dating is now so common that many people don’t care if their friends or coworkers stumble upon your profile.

But that doesn’t mean you necessarily want your photo being used in an ad for the dating site.

And yet this is exactly what happened to Ben, who writes on his Tumblr that he’d “signed up for a profile a few months ago, and stopped using it after about a week because of it’s neutered functionality, and the fact that it seemed like diet OKCupid.

To be honest, I just forgot about the thing.” So you can imagine his surprise when a friend of his in Chicago sent him a screen grab of a Nerve page that prominently features Ben’s face and dating profile in a sidebar ad.

How About We takes a different approach — its goal is to keep people around, no matter what stage of the relationship they are in.

A year ago, the company launched Couples, a membership service where you get access to experiences at discounted prices.

Still, it's a great place to visit if you want to stay on top of the dating business in a succint format.

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“Online dating as a business has a terrible churn problem because these companies lose their most successful customers.This was a smart move, because it significantly opened up How About We’s potential user base and introduced a new line of revenue from selling the experiences.There are millions of people in relationships out there, and the founders said they are spending millions of dollars a year on dates. This media network is a continuation of the company’s effort to keep users coming back, even if they aren’t looking for potential partners or hook-ups.has been around since 1997 and explores such risqué and goofy topics as rhino sex auteurs, male vibrators, and parents making masturbation guides for their children.It also has advice, entertainment, and confessions sections.

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