Updating an old mirror

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The mirrors were originally hung with Mirror Mastic, which is a glue that won’t bleed through to the mirrored finish.

Step 1: I went to Lowe’s with my mirror’s measurements.

If you don’t have a backsplash, use a bubble level and mark with tape or a pencil where to place the molding to make sure it is level Liquid Nails dries quickly, and you don’t have much time after you apply it to get it in place on the wall.

Step 6: Once the bottom piece is level and securely on the wall, add the side pieces in the same way and then the top piece last.

at DIY Show Off Roeshel made these convex mirrors out of Styrofoam wreaths. And using convex mirrors offers an unexpected stylish twist. (affiliate link)*Please respect each DIY blogger and their creative efforts by pinning directly from their blogs.

Alter or Create Mirrors Other options for creating decorative mirrors are to create your own or alter an existing mirror.25.

We don’t have to because Kristi already did and she has a fabulous DIY tutorial to make your own. by Mosaic Works A recent guest here at Pretty Handy Girl, this collection of mirrors wouldn’t be complete without including this incredible mosaic mirror.

It’s All in the Details You can add your own style or flair to a mirror frame as these talented DIYers did.14. Target has a 24″ round mirror and a frameless door mirror that will help you get started on your next DIY mirror projects.

Here is how I put together my simple but impactful DIY mirror frame.Step 3: Once your molding is cut, you need to paint the back of the molding near the top edge so the unfinished back won’t be reflected in the mirror when the molding is installed. Starting with the bottom piece, apply Liquid Nails to the back.Step 4: Once that is dry, flip to the right side and paint one or two coats on all of your pieces. I had the counter top backsplash to automatically level the piece.All you have to do is measure your mirror’s width and height and take those measurements to the home improvement center.Pick your block and subtract the size of each block from the size of your mirror measurements.

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